What a weekend!

Three days of setting up and running autocross events is plenty. I was glad it was time to go back home at the end! No more porta-potty, Purell over grime, rain, wind, sun, and dust...But I digress.

The event went well, I think. There were not too many complaints, and the folks who run crucial stuff like timing and scoring knew what to do, so soon after the driver meeting the event was rolling almost without any help.

I ran in the first and third heats, and since my work assignment was done early in the day, being the registrar, I did not have to do another shift during the day.

The fun began when Graham, my co-driver (and tire warmer, heheh) went to start the car to get it to grid and the battery was dead! We jump-started it and kept it running through his two runs and mine, and as soon as we turned it off, it would not start again!

I left it at the bus, where I parked it, and while Graham went to shag cones, I went to see how things were going at the bus.

I arrived just in time for worker shift change, and there was nobody to relieve the announcer, so I jumped in.

Now, announcing the results I realized just how far back the car change has thrown me in my quest for the top 30 percent.

I have a lot to re-learn, and plenty more completely new stuff to figure out. Miata is clearly a pure momentum car, with little power, yet agile enough that it can be floored through most of any autocross course.

The S2000 is also quite agile, almost scaringly so, but also much more precise and powerful, making all the mistakes that Miata would gracefully forgive all the more noticeable.

On my first run I spun the car not once, but twice! Again proving that finding the right spot on the course for the upshift is crucial. I also DNFed this run, as well as the two last ones, making my only completed run the "fastest." It would have been less embarrassing, had I not hit seven cones before crossing the finish line.

Yes indeed, my own student from the day before beat me hands down. Oh well, I will just chalk it up to my being a great teacher and move on :)


  1. Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the weekend, as well as for your excellent instruction on Saturday. I know that my runs improved as a result.

    Also, cool blog. Keep up the good work! See you at the next event,

    -Zach (aka Xak)

  2. @Zach: Hey, my pleasure! It really is a huge kick to help someone improve. I could definitely tell that from your first run to the last during the school you got much smoother and more determined on the inputs, and as a result, car followed you much more willingly :) Guess we'll be seeing more of each other at upcoming events!

  3. It was a tough course- there should be no doubt about that, and the S2000 is a tricky car to drive fast. Did you DNF in the same section each time, or different?

  4. @Carl: I DNFed in different sections, but all of them in the last quarter of the course, where I would lose focus and get hopelessly late. One time it was the offset cone just before the gate at the finish line that I missed!

    You are very right though, the S is not easy to drive fast, so I will have to work on getting comfortable with it, and keep practicing looking and thinking ahead, and I am sure the results will follow. :)

  5. Ah, that makes sense- L'burg courses do add the additional dimension of endurance! You're good to be able to recognize what was happening. And you're right that continued practice will bring results- keep at it!