I am finally online from home, using my very own DSL connection, which seems to be blindingly fast compared to the unsteady joys of Panera Bread free Wi-Fi mixed with stolen pleasures of sporadic unprotected neighbours' networks.

For starters, the service seems to be about as fast as what I got from TWC. Also of note, they promise that I can get free wireless access at any of AT&T hotspots using my home connection login. I did not check yet whether there are any hotspots in places I tend to go though.

Anyway, wanted to celebrate with a blog post. So there :)


  1. Mine just HAS to be faster than yours! speedtest.net?

  2. Probably :) You got T-1? LOL

  3. No. Just TWC/RR. As you know, not very consistent. Sometimes its fast, sometimes it frustrating. What sort of real life dnld and upld speeds are you getting? Any monthly data cap?

  4. Alright, I was having some more technical difficulties and could not test the speed until tonight. What's yours? ;)