How much is that in race tires?

When you are a hopeless gearhead like yours truly, you frequently quantify relative value of things in car junk. For example you could hear me say: "If I skip this vacation trip, I can get myself a set of Hoosier slicks." Or: "If don't buy any new entertainment electronics this year, I can order that super-spiff Gendron bar for my Honda."

Catch my drift?

So it is somewhat of a new experience for me to turn car junk into non-car experiences.

Let me explain. With the Miata gone, I have a bunch of loose crap left over that I am now trying to get rid of. Mostly in exchange for currency.

Last night, I dropped off four quarts of motor oil and two headlight bulbs that I used in the Miata back to the parts store and got cash back.

This morning, I sold two OEM Miata oil filters for $10--which I rapidly spent on a lunch at Little Tokyo.

Catch my drift now?

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