How to save money and still look meh

Got my hair cut today. For 13 bucks.

Just as mediocre a cut as the local fancy styliste guy who charged me $55 would give me, so all in all, I saved money and time.

She did it all in 15 minutes.

There is a hairdresser in DC whose cuts make people in DC stop me in the street and ask who did my hair.

Here, I have given up hope.

So I went to Cost Cutters.

I drew the cut I wanted. I did not get it.

But the 55 dollar guy did not give me the cut I wanted either.

Same bad cut, in under half the time and for a third of the money.


  1. i get the impression you have to try a lot of $55 hairdressers before you find one that clicks. personally i don't care enough. i do my own hair with clippers, and it looks meh, and as i don't have any higher expectations than that, i'm happy to have saved time and money.

  2. Mostly, I am getting the impression that going to $55 stylists only makes sense in high-density urban areas where there is a critical mass of people who wear non-mainstream hairstyles and competition will weed out all the hairdressers who aren't worth it. So from now on, I'll keep doing the cheap cuts.

  3. It's all relative... for example, your $13 cheat cuts costs about the same as mine, including tips. But I don't think I am coordinated enough to cut my own hair without looking dorkier than normal and/or inadvertently stabbing myself.

  4. By the way, appreciated the spoiler alert on the fast & furious post. You should be glad because I reeeeeeally hate it when someone spoils a movie for me. Yes, be very glad...


  5. @Dashbored: I should be very glad I didn't tell you that the good guys... ooops!..