I knew I liked Feynman for a reason!

Working from home is great, even when you got a head cold, because your transition from doing something "productive" on the computer kinda seamlessly blends into the leisurely surfing, and you don't even have to get up from your sofa!

So while reading up on Chris Gram's blog about brand I meandered over to the Keirsey character sorter and discovered that it maps directly to Myers-Briggs types.

Now, I've taken the Myers-Briggs tests twice so far, and have come out an ENTP and today I was quite delighted to find out that ENTP maps to the Inventor Rational type. There was also a list of famous Inventor Rationals, and Feynman was one of them.

Not that I have a claim to a Nobel Prize, but such company is flattering :)

I actually found the Keirsey temperament explanations, though riddled with typos (and biographical inaccuracies on celebs' pages) much more revealing than the Myers-Briggs ones I read before.

The Keirsey site lets you determine which of the four main temperaments you are for free, and wants to charge you for finding out which exact sub-type you are. If you know your Myers-Briggs type, you can simply find which sub-type your four-letter type maps to on their temperament overview pages.

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