Now we're talkin'!

Alright, I think there is hope for me in autocross.

Just looked at the results, and they confirm what was just a feeling until now: I am getting more comfortable with the car. Yesterday was the first time I felt that I was driving the car, and not the other way around. Here, have a look:

Amazingly, I have the same rank in PAX and in raw times... Happened to me a couple times before in the Miata as well. I wonder if I can make this work by placing first eventually ;)

Title photo courtesy John


  1. Good job- stick with it! Ask Emmie some time how long it took her to become fast...

  2. Thank you Carl! I am discovering that trusting the car is a huge part of being fast. The S is a demanding mistress, but also a very precise and eager car. As soon as I stopped expecting the worst from it and began to rely on it to keep doing what I asked of it, I got better.

    Hopefully in another event or two I will get back to where I was with the Miata (in the bottom 40%) and can start building to my goal from there.

    Honestly though, after Laurinburg, for a day or so I was wondering whether there was any hope for me and whether the car switch was such a good idea :) Now I am convinced that indeed I can learn and that this car will help me get there :)

  3. Well, frankly, I do think you would have learned faster in the Miata, because it's a more forgiving car than the S2k, and therefore easier to explore its limits. This is like learning any new activity, from programming to flying- start out with something easy and move up when you're ready.

    But you'll still learn in the Honda, and it's a beautiful car, and obviously it's got plenty of potential. I completely agree with staying on street tires for at least this season- they will help you hear what the car is telling you.

    Good luck!