Policy over common sense--wins every time!

As I was shopping for a party outfit a few days ago, I checked out Plato's Closet, which is great for getting stuff that I don't intend to wear a lot for cheap.

There was a line at the fitting rooms, however, out of three available stalls, only two were in use. The third one was empty.

Knowing that the doors lock when pulled closed, I assumed it was an oversight and asked one of the folks working the floor to unlock it, in view of all the people waiting.

The answer: "This is a handicapped fitting room, and we reserve it for handicapped customers only."

Which would have made sense if there was at least a single handicapped person in the store who could have potentially needed the room before any of us already waiting in line.



  1. The proper response would have been "I am handicapped, you jerk!"

  2. seems to me that if a handicapped person did show up, they could wait in line for their fitting room like everyone else.

    i remember waiting in a line of five or so customers with one employee checking us out, while two stood nearby folding clothes and chatting. i felt like saying, "so you folks don't know how to run a cash register or what?" well, i guess customer service isn't a high priority at some places.

  3. @Luke: Yeah, customer experience is lacking in many places, and that does not help my natural aversion to shopping...