Still fast and still furious

Warning, spoiler alert!

The movie has got cars in it. Seems to be about cars. And the good guys win. I think. Maybe.

I failed to notice a plot. Let me know if you do. I'd like to know what the fuss was all about.

A Subaru dealer from the area was giving away free tickets to the screening to Subi drivers, and I happened to know one. Can't complain about a free movie.

The one thing that got me thoroughly agitated was how neither of them bad-ass drivers wore any restraints. Not even as much as a wimpy three-point seat belt. I find it hard to control the car, merely autocrossing it whenever I forget to cinch the belt and pull it as tight as I can. These must be some drivers to not wear any restraints and still be able to control their cars like that!..


  1. In these movies, what always gets to me is how they always upshift and never downshift. Plus they seem to "crank it up to 11" (i.e. upshift) when they already are doing 110mph - that must be one heck of a gearbox.

    You are right, there is a reason Formula 1 has seats customized for the specific driver, and 5-point belts. The G in tight turns (even at low speeds in normal cars) is enough to move you in the seat so you're no longer aligned to the pedals.

    I *think* the upshift trick they're showing in the movie is because most people have no idea what a stick shift is, and think it's some kind of "turbo" button in the old PCs.

  2. You are so right! When I think about it, they constantly would show the drivers jamming the shifter up, never down...

    Now, in most real (legal) road-racing, like many of the local car clubs do, you are frequently in 4th, so you are using the optimal power band of the motor. Approaching a series of curves might require you to slow down and downshift to third, forcing you to move the shifter "up."

    Then again, the movie only had them do the shift whenever they needed extra power on a straightaway... which would not happen in a performance driving situation, since you would already be in the right gear to get maximum power out of the engine for any given straight.

    Better not think about it. It's all magick :)