Anime folk tales: Mushi-shi

I have discovered an anime series I really like, called "Mushi-shi."

It is about a wondering scientist studying paranormal phenomena, mushi, and helping people deal with the effects of encounters with mushi.

What makes this series really remarkable in my view is that the paranormal is portrayed not as an enemy, but rather something that we don't yet understand, but need to learn to coexist with. Instead of fighting mushi, the mushi master seeks to explain to others how to best deal with the paranormal that permeates their environment. Very refreshing.

Each episode is a separate folk-tale-like story allegorically dealing with types of struggles people encounter every day: Alienation, lack of acceptance, addiction, etc.

Hulu has 26 of these stories so far, and I am up to episode 20.


  1. It's almost like a meditation. When an episode ends, it usually leaves me in a very zen-like calm state, a little sad, but also accepting of the way things are.

  2. Sounds pretty cool... will have to check it out later.