Dear lazyweb: Which way to California, please?

With only a few weeks left before my epic cross-country trip, I am looking to you for suggestions which roads to take and what sights to see on my way to the Bay Area.

My father is flying in to tag-team driving with me. He's never been to the US, and I'd like to make the trip worthwhile for him.

I got about 7 days at my disposal to complete the trip.


  1. I did a CA and return trip in June/July of 2007 and you can scan my blog for what I saw and what trail I took. A big part of my route plan was to stop in each state at a car museum or race shop. There are some really interesting ones you can check out at http://www.naam.museum/museums.html or http://www.hubcapcafe.com/resources/classic_car_museums.htm

    I took the southern route in June which was not bad that time of year although it got mighty hot as I went through New Mexico and Arizona.

    Even if auto museums don't trip your trigger try to pick some sights along the way and get a big fold out map and plan your way.

    It will be fun to "ride" along with you what ever route you choose.


  2. I-40. Hit the following:

    Asheville. The Chocolate Fetish and Malaprop's.

    Knoxville. The cool little coffeeshop downtown.

    Memphis. Beale Street and Graceland.

    Little Rock. The Clinton Presidential Library.

    OK City. The Murrah building monument.

    Albuquerque. Spend a whole week down on Central Avenue.

  3. never made the trip myself, but personally i'd opt for the more northern route on your map. the south gets hot, and texas/oklahoma are pretty boring scenery.