Gotta love iRobot folks

Submitted a ticket yesterday because my Roomba 560, which has been happily cleaning my house for a while, has choked on my sock while doing its rounds, and even after I surgically removed the sock, Roomba's brushes would no longer spin.

So there was dirt everywhere, and I submitted a ticket on the iRobot site to try and figure out whether the robot could be fixed. They promptly (within 2 hours) sent me a troubleshooting list, and also added that if I could to fix the problem using the troubleshooting routine, I should send them my name and shipping address.

The robot successfully failed my troubleshooting this morning, so I responded to the ticket and gave them my address.

What do you know? About two hours later, I got a message saying they have shipped a new cleaning head module to me.

Just like that.

No payment. Under warranty.

Mind you, I purchased the robot in the Fall of 2007.

Hat off, iRobot support.

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