Hot damn! What has gotten into me?

Guess I am learning at last.

I had a total blast at the event today and suspect I finished in top 30 percent. The results have not been posted yet, so I don't know for sure, but I placed 38th in raw time and 37th in PAX.

My co-driver trophied third in TIR class. Both of us would have gotten trophies if we'd run open A-Stock class. All really good drivers with A-Stock cars were running PRO.

It is the first time that I have placed in upper half of the pack and certainly the first time that I have been able to consistently run very good times--not just "good for me" but objectively above-average good. Now I just have got to keep up and hopefully get a little bit better still, and I'll be in good shape!

The event was fun--we got five timed runs each and a bunch of fun runs. I got four, and Graham had three. I was able to improve on my best time during fun runs, finishing with 49.00x.

The more I get to learn and trust the car, the more fun it gets driving it!

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