Kicking out the ladder, part 2

Today, I feel like revisiting my earlier post and concluding that indeed, a good kick in the butt was exactly what I needed. Now, two full months later, I am looking forward to the new adventure, moving to a whole new place, joining a young and exciting company.

I am usually not a big fan of corporate movies, but this one just rings so true. Nobody will kick out the ladder from under you if you're just on the first rung. It's when you think you've got it made that the kick energizes you and gives you the clarity and focus that you never had from the comfort of the status quo.


  1. I'm torn... I'll miss you, but I'm excited for you at the same time! Already making plans to attend the soiree, hopefully coming with Eleya.

  2. Paul, I do appreciate you saying this. I am certain that our paths will keep crossing, because Open Source world is a very small one, and I am already looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate!

    If you and Eleya make it to my party, you would totally rock! I am trying to make it one to remember :)