License to kill for

North Carolina laws only require cars to display one license plate--on the rear bumper. California, along with most of the rest of the world, requires plates front and rear. Which poses an interesting question: How do I mount the second plate on my beloved S?

My car has spent its entire life in North Carolina, and thus never was equipped with front license plate mounting hardware. I went online and only found fugly aftermarket kits that I did not want to screw around with. so I asked a local shop to get me a quote for original Honda parts.

Turns out there is an OEM front license mounting kit from Honda--not even a kit, rather a smattering of seven different parts, bolts, washers, nuts, brackets, that even the dealership did not know what all I would need. So to be on the safe side, they suggested to me $150 worth of parts. LOL

After I was done LOLing, I went online to look up the original parts myself. Going part-by-part using the diagram, I put all the parts in the shopping cart and came up with a grand total of 57 bucks.

Aaaaah. Better.

The snag now is that installation of these parts seems to require taking off the bumper to get the underpinnings on the inside.

Will have to check today to make sure I can fiddle them in there and then order the parts.