No ♥ from AT&T

Just goes to show that all telecoms companies are worth each other, and are just a bunch of lying bastards only interested in ripping you off while providing minimally required service.

If you thought that my AT&T ordeal was over after first a week-long delay in service availability, then a broken line that rendered the service unusable, then the unnecessarily complex and ridiculously long process of getting access to my account online (which involved snail-mail!), not so fast!

AT&T promised that "Residential customers who switch from cable broadband to FastAccess® DSL are eligible to receive a $125 check." Now that was nice! So as soon as I had the service for the requisite number of days, I went and filled out the form online and two weeks later (today) went to check the status only to find that my reward request has been disqualified!

Status Information: Our records indicate the FastAccess Lite, Ultra, or Xtreme service was disconnected prior to processing your coupon submission. To receive the reward, the required services must be on your account at the time we process your coupon.

Funny, but I was under the impression that I had the damn service all this time. I would more readily agree with "me hallucinating" theory if AT&T did not ask money for this supposedly inactive service.

While composing this message, I have already had the pleasure of speaking to three CSRs, gotten the runaround from all of them, including the rewards department, because allegedly, they cannot see from their systems whether my DSL service is actually active or not.

So now I am in the waiting loop again hearing for the umpteenth time about how I can get a cash reward if I switch from cable.

Wish me luck.

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