So much ado about--what?

So a bunch of well-intentioned people were trying their best to scare me with California's strict emissions standards, and how my car would have to be equipped with extra stuff to pass the smog test. Well guess what, I'll be fine.

California laws about additional emissions controlling equipment only apply to new vehicles sold in California. If you are bringing in a car from out of state which has never been registered in California, they will only hold it up to the federal emissions standards.

Yes, you do need to get your car smog-tested, but if you are moving from out-of-state and it's your car, you won't need to have to comply with CA emissions laws to pass.

I spoke with a California DMV representative yesterday (amazing how phones can still be useful in the age or Twitterbook!), and that was in short what she said.

Just as a public service, here's a link to a page that has more info in relatively plain English.

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