From Graceland with love

Big wow to the industrialized museums. Get your food, drink, trinkets, and a dose of sentimentality all in one place, from the comfort of air-conditioned spaces.

Here is my dad and I at the "Private Elvis" exhibit souvenir shop. In case you wondered, there is one attached to every exhibit, and some extra ones, just so. Extremely effective at parting people with their money in exchange for memories and keepsakes.

We left there at about 11:30 and made good time, so that it became clear that we'll be getting to Fort Smith, where I booked a hotel for the night, with another four to five hours of daylight to spare.

I decided to eat the Hotwire-booked non-refundable room charge and keep going. Was very surprised that the hotel I picked for the night in Oklahoma City was part of the same chain (even though it was named differently) and they were able to transfer the booked room to this other property.

Big kudos to the General Manager of the hotel who went the extra mile to make sure that we could use the reservation we had!

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