Making myself at home in CA

One would think that in the 21st century one would have no trouble getting hands on one's own money in order to make a security deposit and first rent payment for the new apartment. Not so fast!

Anyways, after several trips to the ATM, each exhausting the daily withdrawal limit, I had collected enough cash to cover the payment, got money orders done at the post office, and was able to go sign the lease today.

Moving in on the 7th. Yay!

The new place is a mere 10-minute walk from the office, and I will also be able to walk to several grocery stores, drug store, post office, and a bunch of bars and restaurants. For my car, there is a coin car wash across the street, and a storage closet big enough to hold my competition tires built into the wall of the parking shed.

I definitely like the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and stainless steel appliances, though they might not see enough use what with me eating out a lot. The $16 pizza I had for lunch made me contemplate cooking more. Or eating less. Who knows. LOL

To maximize the time before I start working 90-hour weeks learning the ropes at the new job, I am trying to get as many items checked off the moving list as humanly possible. So today I changed the mailing address with the USPS, scheduled container delivery, canceled utilities at the NC condo, and had the car inspected.

Needless to say, the car passed with flying colors. The mechanic said that it is a California-spec car, just as I expected it would be. They did not make enough of these cars to justify separate models for different states.

Still to be done: car registration, California driver license, address change for all the services like Netflix and banks, utility activation for the new apartment, etc. etc.

My hope is to have my competition tires by Sunday and to find an autocross I can attend. I am on serious withdrawal.

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