Operation "Pick up Dad"

My father is joining me on the epic trip westward, and yesterday night he was scheduled to arrive at the RDU airport.

I got a call from him early evening, saying that his flight to RDU was canceled, and all Delta could do for him was to put him on a flight to Atlanta at 11 am the next morning and get him to RDU from there with a 4 pm flight!

My father's English is limited, so I gave him a couple sentences to use and ask to be flown to Charlotte that same night. He said he'd call me back in 40 minutes, but I never got the call.

Later, I checked his flight status online and saw him showing as on "stand-by" for the Charlotte flight. The flight however has been in the air for a while at that point. I called Delta and they confirmed that indeed my father was on that flight, arriving around 10 pm.

I immediately hopped into the car and drove to CLT airport, making it there about 1.5 hours after my dad's arrival.

We got back to Raleigh by 2am. I had us already checked in at a hotel, since there is no furniture in my condo anymore, and so in a little bit we both were happily conked out for the night.

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