Road trip day 1: RDU-Memphis

Thirteen hours after leaving the hotel in RDU, we arrived at the hotel in Memphis. Nothing fancy, but has free wi-fi and is close to Graceland, that's all we need.

That, and running hot and cold water :)

Driving in the mountains around Asheville was fun, and I had a blast taking these curves at a little higher speeds than my gut would tell me was prudent. Kept me alert :)

Dad drove two shifts, for a total of 5 hours or so, and I drove the rest of the time. He's still getting used to the S2K. He's more of a Merc type, likes his cars smooth and quiet, while this car is the exact opposite: stiff, loud, but very precise and responsive. The handling and responsiveness part he liked :)

Finally got to Memphis around 9pm local time. Had dinner at the hotel restaurant because we were too tired of driving and did not want to drive anywhere for better food.

Tomorrow, we'll take a tour of Graceland and head on to Ozark AR after that.

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