Road trip day 3: Oklahoma City-Flagstaff AZ

Here's how far we've got in three days. Not bad. Actually beat my estimate by full 24 hours by now, and we're not really driving hard.

I was fairly impressed by the size of the 72-oz steak they have on display there, but went for a modest 10-oz version myself.

Driving through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona was less boring than I expected. Particularly when the sun began to set.

It was my shift to drive smack into the sunset, and that part I could have easily done without. But we survived.

Today will be a lazy day. We'll go to the Grand Canyon, and spend as much time there as we want, then drive in general direction of Las Vegas.

I would like it if we actually made it to Vegas tonight (it's less than 4 hours away from the Canyon). I heard so much about the city's neon glow rising from the darkness of the desert surrounding it.

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  1. Great trip. I am planning to do one myself this xmas vacation, travelling from Houston to flagstaff. I want to avoid I-10 as I heard it is really boring. I was wondering if I can reach flagstaff in one day as google maps suggests.