... as if I never moved

Behold: Pretty much all unpacked. Only decorations like mirrors, shelves, and pictures left to hang, plus the kimono for the bedroom.

This is how it looks when you first come in. I am not quite happy about where I had to put the drafting table, but there is no other place in the apartment that would both keep the table out of the way and close to art supplies on the shelf.

I was very glad that all three shelves and the sofa fit along the living room wall. All in all, I think downsizing to a space half the size of my NC condo went pretty well.

Through a lucky coincidence, the cabinets in the kitchen are just the right color to work great with my existing furniture.

The kitchen is a bit small, but I hardly ever cook, and so have no moral right to complain. All my pots and pans and dishes comfortably found a home in the cabinets. I even like the way the two shelves frame the space, helping optically divide kitchen and dining area from each other.

My little Honda is also happy with its new home. The storage closet in the back wall of the car port is just over two foot deep and as wide as the parking space, so I could fit all four competition tires, plus two unmounted RE01s, and my tools and other car stuff in there.

Once I got over the initial shock of having to mount the front license, I have to admit, it looks only half that bad. Last week, I saw an S2000 with native front license mount, and am glad I went with the aftermarket bracket.

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