Porsche Club of America Autocross at Santa Rosa

I am glad to say that I seem to have gotten my autocross mojo back.

Two weeks ago I went to a two-day event with the American AutoX Series and totally bombed. Finished way down close to the bottom. Care to have a look?

Gotta say, I improved slightly from the first day to the second, but not enough to feel good about my results.

Yes, all-season tires did not help, but I was not anywhere close to the limits of their traction at any time. For some reason, I just could not drive well that weekend.

Be it the less-than-ideal setup, a totally new club where I did not yet know anybody, a different way to mark the course, or any of a gazillion excuses I could come up with, but my results still sucked.

So yesterday I asked the folks running the Porsche event to pair me up with an instructor to try and find my mojo again. And guess what? It worked!

I lucked out by getting paired with the fastest driver in the club, Tristan, and he turned out to be good at instructing, too.

On my first run, I got a 64.xxx, and Tristan gave me a few pointers, so the next run, I shaved off almost three seconds. Over the course of four more runs, I worked my way up to 59.156. That was a decent result, but not enough to break upper 50 per cent.

That day, we were getting three runs in the morning, and four in the afternoon. Tristan was in the car with me on all runs, and on my last, seventh, run I drove solo.

No idea what got into me, and what exactly happened, but I drove close to a perfect run and got a 56.6xx seconds! That definitely put me above the fold.

Thanks Tristan for helping me get back into the groove.

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