Things I do for my S2000...

Today on the way to the autocross I have discovered that the 12V power outlet on the rear console has come loose and was hanging by the wires. Not to be discouraged easily, I tried to tighten it from the outside, without removing any trim panels, using needle-nosed tweezers and a ton of patience.

That of course did not work as the opening was too snug to be able to keep the tweezers on the backing socket while screwing the front part of the outlet into it.

Step two was to try to access the socket from the trunk.

"Trunk?" you may ask, and rightly so. However, my faithful readership will remember that the S2000 is a two-seater, so the back of the rear console more or less "faces" the trunk.

I pulled the spare and climbed (or half-climbed) into the trunk with a flashlight and sure enough, there it was--the wires, the loose socket and the outlet barely visible on the other side of the opening.

Too bad I was not 5 years old anymore, because my hands did not fit in between all the other stuff that's routed behind the passenger compartment panels.

So off I went to remove the rear console. Found the manual online and was done in about 40 minutes.

For starters, I had to remove the trim panels with vents behind the driver AND passenger seats.

Next I had the privilege to remove the center console.

And finally, I was able to pull the rear console and tighten the backing socket that holds the 12V outlet in place.

While I was in there, I also routed the auxiliary audio wires underneath the center console, so now the plug comes out in the cup holder.

And no, I never use the cup holder for holding drinks anyway, because it is too shallow and any size cup gets in the way of shifting gears.

Don't drink and drive!


  1. "...so now the plug comes out in the cup holder."


  2. Sounds like Yak Shaving. Go team!

  3. Good job!

    "Found the manual online and was done in about 40 minutes."

    Then another 40 to extract the images, resize them, and craft this blog post? :)