Drooling over the R8

For some reason, today I am drooling over the R8 more than ever before.


My night drive on Skyline

Seventy miles of awesomeness, interspersed with the sweet sound of a clunking stabilizer bar. Awwwwww.

Serberis on Jamendo

I really like Serberis and his dark beats. If you are into electronica, check him/her out. Serberis has albums in varying styles, and they make for a perfect driving soundtrack. Even if gratuitous drives just for the sake of staying in motion and experiencing lateral Gs are not your thing, you might like the tunes :)

For me, there is nothing more relaxing and meditative than watching the road unfold and steering the car into every turn, listening to the exhaust and the tires, and experiencing the road so immediately, as if the car was an extension of my own senses. When I listen to this album, that's how it makes me feel.


2009-08-08: PCA Autocross at Santa Rosa

Alex Maier runs AS23 at PCA autocrossBetter late than never.

We had eight runs at this event, even though we lost one run in the afternoon due to an old Volvo puking its guts out all over the course in the third heat, so that the event was stopped for about 40 minutes to clean up the oil. No matter the number of runs, there's always that one last one you need to get the perfect run in. I was inching my way closer to 65 seconds, but never got past 67.338, and even that one, I coned away.

Good news, I am beginning to remember the site's topography fairly well, and all the uneven or slick spots don't surprise me anymore.

Got to appreciate taller gearing of the AP1 coming out of the small loop at the end of taxiway called the "jellybean" (5) and flooring it through the shallow S-curve to the go-kart section entry (7). The limiter would only cut in once before I had to lift.

Was pretty frustrated that I didn't get the turn into the go-kart section right a single time. Most times I braked too early and had to adjust steering and coast before finally turning in. Another time, I hit the large potholes in the surface under braking and that messed up the entry again. Half a second lost right there.

I am looking forward to the two-day shootout event next month, so I get to practice on this site again.

Results [MS Excel file].

The nerve! The nerve!

Reading a blog post about lightweight Firefox I came across this gem of a context marketing ad. Brazen. Guess desperate times demand desperate measures, Microsoft?


All mixed up by martial arts

MMA pictureSo it looks like I have narrowed my selection down to two schools here in the area. But which one to choose?

School number one is focused on real-world self-defense application of karate techniques, has some cardio workouts and some yoga-based sessions, all to get you in shape. All classes are 60 minutes, and there is additional abs and strength training available after regular class is over. It has enough weeknights adult classes that I should be able to hit three a week and have the weekend free to autocross. I can walk there in 15 minutes. It is also $100 a month for unlimited classes with a year's commitment.

School number two is a mixed martial arts school. Also emphasizes self-defense, but has more of the styles that I like, like Muai Tai and kickboxing. There are only two dedicated adult weeknight classes a week, but the head instructor said they will open up two more slots next month. All classes are 45 minutes, short-ish for my taste. This school charges for belt exams, but it's small amounts between $20-40. All exams are on Saturdays, which could potentially cut into my autocross time. The school is more or less across the street from home. With the special they run now, it is $135 a month for up to three classes a week with a six-month commitment. Plus you get two free months, effectively making the price $85 a month.

So, my dear readers, help me decide!


On the road again

Got bored today, with no autocross to go to, and picked up a used PS2 on Craigslist. For $40. Not bad, huh?

Just so you know, the one I had in NC was on semi-permanent lease from Greg. I gave it back when I moved. And suffered severe sim-racing withdrawal.

I was too lazy to copy my old GT4 game data, and am starting from scratch. Not a bad thing, considering I could have done better on my racing license tests.

Goodbye afternoon. Hello GT4.