All mixed up by martial arts

MMA pictureSo it looks like I have narrowed my selection down to two schools here in the area. But which one to choose?

School number one is focused on real-world self-defense application of karate techniques, has some cardio workouts and some yoga-based sessions, all to get you in shape. All classes are 60 minutes, and there is additional abs and strength training available after regular class is over. It has enough weeknights adult classes that I should be able to hit three a week and have the weekend free to autocross. I can walk there in 15 minutes. It is also $100 a month for unlimited classes with a year's commitment.

School number two is a mixed martial arts school. Also emphasizes self-defense, but has more of the styles that I like, like Muai Tai and kickboxing. There are only two dedicated adult weeknight classes a week, but the head instructor said they will open up two more slots next month. All classes are 45 minutes, short-ish for my taste. This school charges for belt exams, but it's small amounts between $20-40. All exams are on Saturdays, which could potentially cut into my autocross time. The school is more or less across the street from home. With the special they run now, it is $135 a month for up to three classes a week with a six-month commitment. Plus you get two free months, effectively making the price $85 a month.

So, my dear readers, help me decide!

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