Confused by American Apparel

My loyal and brilliant readers will certainly help me out here. Why on fucking Earth do we need a female body to model male underwear?

Or is it the new trend I missed in female undies?

In general, I see a lot of confusion going on in this ad. If it is aimed at females (who statistically buy the majority of male underwear--for the men in their lives), then a nice male model for the male knickers would have been appreciated.

If it's aimed at males however, I am not sure what the hell it is trying to say to them.



  1. Uhh... its got the fly, but no way a set of junk would fit in those. Those are a strangely-designed pair of female underwear.

    Also note: They're pink.

  2. Yeah, these are some seriously gender-confused panties. However, pink is not synonymous with female gender in all cultures. Not even has been this way in the US culture for too long (since the 1950s). Your point is still valid, I'm just sayin'.

  3. Personally, I'd rather see a chick in some briefs than a dude and his testiclicieses.