Maven: The most overused word on the interwebs

My job includes posting a weekly blog and tweet roundup about Maven, Nexus, m2eclipse, and other projects that our company contributes to. Not too bad on most fronts, but the TweetBeep on keyword "maven" is pushing my brain's elasticity to the limit. Consider this pearl:

twinswholaugh: Next time you go to throw away a toilet paper roll- think again!http://www.curbly.com/DIY-Maven/posts/7171-toilet-paper-roll-sculpture

Saturday, September 5th at 18:40:25

That on top of countless "fashion mavens," "food mavens," "closet mavens," "marketing mavens," "insurance mavens," "you-name-it mavens" that I also have to wade through to get to the useful mentions of Apache Maven.

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