Saner bar, insane performance ;)

Course layout Day 1
Results Day 1

Last weekend I was at a two-day event organized jointly by two local clubs and my little S2k performed beautifully. This was the first autocross after the front anti-sway bar upgrade, and I was very pleased with how the car handled.

My little yeller Honda is now so eerily stable in transitions and responds to steering inputs so much sharper, I could not get enough of transitional elements.

There was one slalom on the second day, with 33 paces between cones, where I was flat, accelerating all the way to the rev limiter through it.

On the first run, I started with 32 psi square tire pressure, and noticed some tendency to push in fast corners. I was able to balance the car with running 2psi less in the front tires. I ran 30/32 f/r for the rest of the event.

Course layout Day 2
Results Day 2

I was also using a chest strap restraint for the first time, one that goes around the back of the seat and around the driver's ribcage. For starters, I went with a cheap version and bought an oversized utility belt that was long enough to fasten around the seat back and me.

The difference was amazing. Because my body was now being kept in the seat by both a lap belt and the chest strap, I found that I did not have to hang onto the steering wheel for stability and so could control my steering with more precision. I also did not have to brace myself against the dead pedal with the left foot, making for smoother shifting.

On both days, I was very satisfied with the times I ran. On the first day, I coned away my fastest run, a 53.677. On day two, my fastest time was a 48.009. My fastest run was in the morning, and in the afternoon the pavement was too hot and tires were giving up. I was losing 0.1 second each run, even after spraying them down with water.

All in all, this was a great weekend and I was able to ride during a few great runs and to learn a lot. The car gives me a new feeling of confidence with the new setup, and I can't wait to run it again at the next event.