This morning - @lxmaier at the autocross event in Santa Clara. on TwitpicWent to AAS round 10 at Great America Park on Sunday. Results have not yet been posted, but I know that I did not run my best at this event. When they post, the results will be here: Best OA | Best Indexed

American Autocross Series caters to muscle cars and their courses tend to be wider, and less technical, consisting mostly of sweeping turns of varying radii. For some reason, I find it hard to remember where the course goes when it is a succession of turns with a few technical elements, and so yesterday I spent most of the time driving cone-to-cone, and being surprised by the turns, never setting up right for them.

Being lost on a course all the time contributed to frustration, and I pretty much blew my last run while trying to shave off another second from my fastest time. I left at least two seconds on the course, and I know the car was not the limiting factor in this one.

... with Thierry riding shotgun.  on Twitpic

I prefer SCCA-style technical "house of pain" courses, with tight slaloms, offsets, Chicago boxes and lane changes all over the place, and do much much better on courses like that. To a degree, it's a matter of taste, and I doubt I will ever fall in love with never-ending sweepers, but it's also something to work on. I have to learn to deal with courses of any type eventually if I want to post consistent results.

On a positive note, two of my friends came out to watch the event, and one of them, Thierry, rode with me on four out of five runs. I may have succeeded in getting them interested enough in the sport to give it a try.

It was a lot of fun (and helped me concentrate) to explain the techniques and the physics of driving to Thierry.

I hope to see him and Ludger at one of the upcoming autocrosses soon!

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