Golden Gate Lotus Club autoX 17 October 2009

Last weekend I attended an event hosted by a local Lotus club, and had a blast. The course, though a bit cone-heavy, was a right mix of fast and technical elements, and had a flow to it, so that after the first run I had a pretty good idea where it went.

Here are the raw results by class.

We had a ton of runs, and a wonderful catered lunch, with several dishes, dessert and fruit. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

I was trying to squeeze a few tenths of a second out of my car, to break into 50.xxx, but missed it by less than 0.2 seconds on my last and fastest run.

Got to ride in a supercharged Lotus Elise driven in anger, and even though I expected spectacular performance, I was still very very impressed by handling and sheer willpower of this car to stick to the pavement.

Photo courtesy of Ovidiu. Click on it to see more.


  1. Those driving shoes you're wearing - are they making a noticeable difference? I find myself more comfortable wearing a good pair of lightweight loafers. But then I don't do timed competition events...

  2. Anything that has a thin and grippy rubber sole and is tightly fastened to your foot will do the job. You want the sole to grip, so your foot won't slip off the pedals when racing, and you want it to be thin enough to get good feedback from the pedals. Having your shoe as thin and supple as possible (the closer it feels to a sock, the better), also allows you to better articulate your feet, and to modulate your inputs more finely.

    The shoes I was wearing at the event are actually Fila wrestling boots. I have a pair of Oakley racing shoes that I also like wearing to autocross. Their soles are thin and grippy alright, but also very rigid, almost like cycling shoes. I found they work well for long-haul drives, because the hard sole help alleviate muscle fatigue in the foot.