Golden Gate Lotus Club autoX 17 October 2009

Last weekend I attended an event hosted by a local Lotus club, and had a blast. The course, though a bit cone-heavy, was a right mix of fast and technical elements, and had a flow to it, so that after the first run I had a pretty good idea where it went.

Here are the raw results by class.

We had a ton of runs, and a wonderful catered lunch, with several dishes, dessert and fruit. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

I was trying to squeeze a few tenths of a second out of my car, to break into 50.xxx, but missed it by less than 0.2 seconds on my last and fastest run.

Got to ride in a supercharged Lotus Elise driven in anger, and even though I expected spectacular performance, I was still very very impressed by handling and sheer willpower of this car to stick to the pavement.

Photo courtesy of Ovidiu. Click on it to see more.