Cars attack!

Yesterday I got attacked by cars (or rather women driving said cars) twice.

First was the PT Cruiser of Death on CA-17, which decided to change into the right lane as I was occupying it. I moved to the right edge of the lane and honked, but the blue monstrosity kept getting closer. I lay on the horn and put two wheels off onto the shoulder, trying to avoid contact, and the driver finally noticed me. She pulled back into her lane and made some apologetic gestures. I used some non-verbal cues to tell her what I thought about her and drove off.

I got home and went to get some food. Parked far away from everyone and walked to the store across the parking lot. I was happily minding my own business as I felt a firm nudge in my forearm and my thigh. I jumped aside and screamed as I realized that a minivan was backing out and into me. The driver got out and her first excuse was "I did not see you!"

"I know you did not see me!" I said. Okay, yelled. I got pretty rattled by this, and used some vocabulary that would have made Samuel L. Jackson proud. I did not get hurt, so decided not to call the police. Just yelled at the lady and walked off to get the food.

Got the food, drove home, and sat the rest of the day out to make sure no more crazy drivers got a chance to kill me.

Kinda ironic that I was at a race earlier that day and all the truly dangerous stuff involving cars happened to me after I was done racing.

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  1. parking lots are dangerous places, to be sure. hard to believe you'd be overlooked with that red hair, though. and i'll spare you the obvious digs about women drivers...