Men who stare at goats

Watched "The men who stare at goats" on Friday. Pretty cool movie, in a vein similar to "Ocean's thirteen". Had a few good laughs, and walked out of the theater smiling.

The cast is stellar, with Clooney, Casey, McGregor, and Bridges deadpanning it all through the film. I am not sure the movie had any deeper meaning, but it provided for a nice way to spend a couple hours on an early Friday evening.


  1. I saw interviews by Glooney and Mcgregor and at first I thought it was a joke. Seriously, killing with mind-over-matter AND the Pentagon actually funded it? I haven't seen the movie yet, but dude extra special-brownie points for the Pentagon.

  2. I can only recommend the movie. Really nicely done, and the military-grade seriousness with which the "mind over matter" is taken and developed made me laugh so much!