Now my Roomba won't be lonely

Bought myself an early holiday present: the iRobot Scooba. I got it at Hammacher Schlemmer because they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all the merchandise they sell, and also priced the robot about ten percent cheaper than on the iRobot site, plus offered free shipping.

I went for the base model (Model 330) which has enough battery to clean 250 square feet (approx 23.5 sqm), and its tank holds enough cleaning solution to clean the same area. Higher-end models have more battery than cleaning solution, with Model 350 having enough battery for 500 sq ft, but only 250 sq ft worth of cleaning solution capacity, and Model 380 cleans "up to 850 sq ft" with one charge, but its tank will only cover half of this surface.

It looks like the Scooba does not have scheduling capacity, so I intend to start it a couple times a week before heading out to work, in order to avoid having to listen to the noise. Since I won't be there to supervise the cleaning and refill the tank, it seemed to me that this model was the best value for my situation. I will simply have the robot clean half my apartment in one go, and do the other half on another day.

It comes with a virtual wall, which will help me easily "wall off" the half which I don't want cleaned on any day.

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