Sunbeam Tiger Club autocross 2009-10-31

October 31st marks the day my car won an event for the first time, while piloted by Tris. On PAX, and possibly in raw time as well. I don't have the official results yet, but last I heard, he was about 0.1 second ahead of the competitor, who had a B-Modified car on slicks.


Great event.

I don't know where I ended up, probably in the middle, or hopefully in the upper third. No idea how to get my hands on the results though.

Tristan and I co-drove. We got four runs in the morning and five in the afternoon.

My rungroup rested while Tris's ran, so I got to catch a few rides with him. He worked during my runs, and so the only shots from the event that show my car were from his runs. We forgot to swap the numbers for his afternoon runs, so he's running my number "23" in the shots -- but the folks in timing thankfully figured it all out and recorded his times correctly.

On my fourth run in the afternoon I hit a cone and it got caught in my left wheel well. I knew it got stuck somewhere, but did not know where, and continued my run, only to get a red flag moments later, because there apparently weren't enough cones to replace the one I was dragging. I tried getting a rerun for that, but no dice.

Anyways, it was a fun event, and I got to run pretty good times.

As I learn the site (Santa Rosa Airport), I feel more and more confident on it, and am already looking forward to the next event there, which sadly will be in 2010.

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