Together, at last!

After months and months of fruitless search for a perfect teapot, I have finally found one. At IKEA, no less.

The challenge was to find a contemporary-looking, minimalistically designed, preferably white teapot (so far, so good, but wait!..) with capacity for approx. two liters (or quarts if you are so inclined). That last requirement turned out to be the hardest to meet.

I had to walk away from otherwise perfect teapots, because they would hold mere two teacups' worth of tea.

When I make myself some tea, I like for it to last a while, so that I can enjoy a few chapters of a book or a whole movie (or at least one hour-long series episode) before I have to make more tea.

For the past five or so years I have been using a designer teapot I traded from my room-mate in Munich, but unfortunately it was not the best quality, and was continuously losing its glaze, eventually resulting in a shabby look.

Finding a replacement took me until today, and kids, am I happy to say, it is a worthy replacement indeed.

Let's raise our teacups to years of enjoyment!

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