UFO Club Autocross at Marina 2009-11-08

As it gets colder, and holidays cause many competitors to be out of town, autocross season is winding down. This Sunday's event was the only one I will get to run this month. There's another one in December, and then hopefully it'll pick up again early next year.

The course was a very fun one. After a usual painfully slow start, and a 90-degree left-hander, there was an extremely fast slalom. It was spaced so widely that I was able to accelerate through it with the foot firmly pressing the gas pedal into the mat. The 90-degree corner right after the slalom forced me to give up some speed towards the end, otherwise I would be topping out of the second gear there.

My best run ended up being a 53.3xx--not sure when the results get posted, but it seemed fast enough to get me into the middle of the pack, I figure.

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