Ninja Assassin

While I am at it, might as well share what I thought about the Ninja Assassin movie.

I watched it last week, with my karate sensei, and we mostly went to look at the martial arts and weapons techniques, without much hope for a plot. And "Ninja" didn't disappoint. Lots of fight scenes, very cartoonish violence and blood, and very meagre story. Kinda like Kill Bill Vol 1, minus the plot.

Also, the movie, which to a great extent was supposed to be playing in Berlin, had a number of obvious, and easy to avoid blunders. They do get a kudos for having Interpol agents eat an authentic Berliner "Currywurst" on their lunch break. That's where it ends.

One would think that in the era of Internet getting your fake German billboards to look believable enough would be easy. You just google for them. However, the one outdoor ad that figures prominently in the movie (where the main character exits his apartment) has gibberish German on it that is not only misspelt, but doesn't make any sort of sense at all.

The scene in the apartment complex in Berlin, where the janitor says to a character that they had to go inside the apartment to fix the heating is so wrong I don't even know where to start. While it is normal in the US for the rental management to enter the rented property as they need to, in Germany, the renter needs to be present to let them in. Also, "heating" in Germany is usually done centrally, with radiators and hot water, and unless there's a leak in the radiator there is no need to "fix" anything in the actual unit.

Another obvious mistake was the scene on the highway, with road signs, markings, and guard rails looking nothing like Germany.

Question is, since there was no plot requirement to stage this in "Berlin" any more than in Mexico or some other more accessible country where this was apparently filmed, why not just admit it? Just say it's all playing wherever it is you're filming it!

I forget the other things that they got wrong, but there were a few more. These were the most egregious.

Anyways, if you plan to see the movie, don't expect a lot of anything besides cartoon blood and dismemberment.

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