13 months

Today marks one year and one month since the countdown started for my departure from Red Hat. It was an exciting ride, and looking back, I realize how much I owe to all the people I got the privilege of working with--and learning from.

You know who you are, people. And today, at the end of my first week at VMware, I want to thank you all, because I would not be here today have I not met you.

Last year, I knew that I wanted a new challenge, to try myself outside the familiar comfort of a company that nearly quadrupled in size since I joined in 2004.

So looking for a challenge, I went to a start-up in Mountain View, CA. And challenged I got, plenty. Mostly in a good way.

Moving to Silicon Valley, selling a house, and driving my two-seater from coast to coast was an adventure I would not want to miss. There was a lot of stuff in between, but it was mostly all documented here on the blog and on Facebook.

Thirteen months later, I find myself in California, in an urban setting which is my natural habitat, racing on as many weekends as I choose, and making better money.

However, this week was special in a different way: it was the beginning of a whole new phase--being a full-time community manager.

Ever since I got involved in Fedora, I wanted to build communities for a living, and here it is. A big opportunity to do what I have long wanted to do. In the past five days, I have had a few moments where I had to stop and almost pinch myself: "Here you are, you're doing it, you are in charge of a community! Don't fuck it up!"

And I am determined to give it my best. Here's to a new adventure.


  1. so, um, maybe i missed it...

    why did you leave the startup?

  2. @Luke: I was laid off due to change of leadership.

  3. Congratulations, Alex! This is a wonderful step up! :)