PDF, a.k.a Protected Document Format, and other oddities

If you ever contemplated sending any document to anyone in a format other than Micro$oft Word, you want to read this!

Apparently, "databases digest PDF files about like a cat digests hair balls - not well. Most resume databases will reject PDF files and most recruiters don't like them either. Simply because your document file looks amazing on your screen, don't assume it will duplicate identically on upload to another computer screen. A basic file format is the wisest choice."

Must be this newfangled 21st century thing, that DOC and DOCX are now considered basic formats, and that PDF won't always render the same on different systems.

Sadly, the company marketing themselves to me did not post the email online, just in case I were using a text-based email client, so I can't link to it. You can click on the screenshot to enjoy this FUD pearl.

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