$DEITY please make it stop!

I must have angered a racing deity, for my woes with the Koni Sport double-adjustables won't stop.

Yesterday I picked up the Yeller from Dietsch Werks where Rob told me that the shocks are now finally firmly and unequivocally connected with the car's frame.

"I also have some bad news for you Alex," Rob added. "The rear shocks still make that noise."

That noise refers to the loud popping sound the shock absorbers have been making on rebound. Our original theory was that the noise was caused by all the slop in the top mounts, but now that all the proper parts are on the car, and there is no slop, the noise is still there.

The car handles better than it did before the repair, so it's not all bad, but the noise is very loud and seems to be getting worse over time.

Rob recommended that I call Koni, which I did. They say that because it's a racing part it is not covered by any warranty, even though it never saw any race use. I could send the shocks in for an inspection and a rebuild, but the turnaround time with Koni is very long right now (with the season starting and all).

However, the dude at Koni referred me to a shop in Sonoma, at the Infineon raceway, and I spoke with them earlier today. There they told me that someone could be there on Saturday afternoon, after I am done with autocross in Santa Rosa, so they could at least look at the shocks and give me a first idea as to what we are looking at here.

The way things were going so far, I strongly suspect the shocks will need work, and that shop charges close to $200 per damper to rebuild.

At this point I think I have had just about enough of this saga, and probably will use this opportunity to revert back to stock dampers, and have the Konis fixed, then sell them.


  1. I'd jack up the back of your car, and inspect yourself. See if they're firmly seated, look for play, things of this nature.

  2. The shocks sit on tight. There is hardly anything that hasn't been checked by me and a few other people by now. It seems to be valve noise, and after the autocross today I know the shocks work, so it may be benign. We shall see.

  3. Oh, stopped by Infineon on the way home from autocross, to see Performance Shock guys, but there was nobody there, so I will have to make a trip out there some time again.