Battle scars

What you see here is just an example of more than a few cone marks my car brought home today. We had a blast at the Santa Rosa airport with the Redwood Region PCA. The shocks, though noisy as ever, seem to work, and the car was as well-behaved as ever, with tons of grip and not a trace of the moody snap-oversteering that has plagued us for so long.

I needed a run or two to trust the car again, but soon after, we were flying down the runway, dancing around cones, like we always used to.

Most of the cone marks magically appeared after my codriver's runs, so he owes us some detailing and buffing work, but since he managed to run quite a few impressive times, we are more than happy to forgive him. He'll still have to help us with the buffing though. Because pretty Hondas should not run around all scuffed up like that!

We each had a total of 12 runs, five in the morning and seven in the afternoon, and towards the end of the event I got a bit carried away, resulting in a brief sideways agricultural excursion, which in turn caused the above bruise on my knee, even though I was wearing knee protection. Oh well, serves me right.

My one-before-last run was a historic first finish in reverse. Coming out of a long-ish straightaway towards the finish line, in the final right-hand curve, I hit some pavement change under acceleration and my rear promptly ended pointing to the front.

Since my car was stopped only a meter or two from the finish line, I put it in reverse and crossed the laser beam that way. Then quickly cleared out of the way for the car behind me to finish.

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