Evolution school Phase 2 at Great America

My Evolution Solo 2 driving school experience yesterday was a little bit of a disappointment, but a nice refresher course on looking ahead and driving well by integrating your brain and your body, and using verbalization and visualization to pick the best line.

The thing is, that I went to their direct competitor's Phase 1 event last March back in North Carolina, and yesterday I took Evo's Phase 2, thinking that the two programs were roughly equivalent and that it will be building on what I learned in Phase 1.

However, their phases, though covering the same content are numbered differently. And Evo's Phase 2 = Solo Pro's Phase 1, so it was the same course. Not a bad refresher to take every three to five years, but considering that I just took it last season, I could have skipped that.

Additionally, when I was running the first training session, I got shorted on my runs. They had a bunch of people from the Phase 1 which was the day before, so they did not communicate clearly how many runs I was supposed to get. So after the instructor got out of the car during the first run group in the morning, I should have run a couple more times, but he did not say anything, so I went straight back to pit. When I then went to work, I saw people getting 2-3 more runs, and realized I did not get all mine.

I approached one of the instructors and explained that I did not get all my runs earlier, and he said, "you'll get a few runs extra in the next session," so it was all good.

All in all, I spent so much time visualizing my runs and plotting the line yesterday, that even today, walking around the campus to get lunch and back, I kept catching my brain looking ahead, picking out the next few "elements" like trees, benches, or tables, and imagining a line to follow around them.

I will have to wait till later in the month to practice this some more on the course though. Setting up the Miata on Saturday, and tasting some sake with Carlota on Sunday.

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