Gassed, stoked, and ready to go...

...Well, almost. Still need to move the shiny track toy to its new home at Thunderhill Raceway and get a harness for the passenger seat. The car had no passenger seat at all to begin with, but Bill Kabage, the former owner, was kind enough to throw in a stock Miata seat, so all I need to buy and install is some race-legal restraints.

I have been spending way too much time window-shopping for harnesses, helmets, racing suits and gloves online already. Sigh.

Aside from that, I will renew my SCCA membership, and probably join NASA, so I can run their performance driving schools.

I missed the only NorCal SCCA competition license school offered this year, which was in March. Thankfully, NASA have them through the year, and if you complete a requisite number of days, you cat take the test and get a comp license even in the middle of the season.

My car has both SCCA and NASA log books, so I can run with either club.

Once I have done that, I should be set for the rest of the year. The car is ready to run, and Bill gave me and extra set of Hawk pads, and a second set of wheels with tires on them, plus two more sets of unmounted tires. They're all used, and not really suitable for 10/10ths driving anymore, but they should be plenty to learn on.

I am waiting to hear back from Bill or Tom at Competition Autowerks who both have a few leads on people who are looking to split garage space and rent. A garage goes for $500 a month at Thunderhill, and up to four people can share one, making it a much more affordable proposition to keep the car at the track.

Until the end of this year, I expect to just run events at Thunderhill and not worry about transporting the car to other tracks. Next year hopefully I will know more people and will learn a thing or two about what options there are to move cars around.

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