Moving on up

Hardwood floors are great. As long as the upper floors are soundproofed. Now, my upstairs neighbours are actually any city dweller's dream: Never a party, no loud music, no dogs, no fights or protracted make-up sex thereafter. But complete absence of soundproofing makes it possible for me to hear when one of them takes their pants off and the belt buckle hits the floor over my head.

Something needed to change, and I tried sleeping pills and white noise, but in the long run, a move to the upper floor seems to be the true solution to this situation. So today I looked at the first-floor corner unit in my apartment complex, because in a few weeks, the upper counterpart will become available, and I am seriously thinking of moving up.

The place is slightly bigger and is cut nicely, with much more light and space in the living room, a touch more closet space, but seemingly a smaller bedroom. It costs $100 more a month, though.

The only concern is that it faces the street on one side, and that noise could potentially be an issue, however street noise will be much less noticeable on the second floor.

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