Spatial perception trouble

I have been looking around on OKCupid lately, and noticed that while I think San Francisco is really not that far away from the South Bay, the City dwellers don't see it the same way. More than once would people reach out and then quickly follow up with "But you are so far away!"

I drove out there many times, and took the train, too. Usually you can get there in an hour. It's not the end of the world, really, and yet...

I was exchanging messages with one guy and was going to suggest to meet up, when he implied that a trip outside the City was not in the cards. "No car," etc. "But look me up next time you're here."

I politely said that if he was not interested in me enough to even entertain the idea of taking the train to meet, I would see better use for my time than looking him up next time I was in SF.

His response: "Are you fucking kidding me? Delete!"

Well, good fucking riddance.

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