A beautiful day to have the top down

Running a few errands this afternoon, I spotted a black targa-top Ferrari 308 in the lane next to mine. I caught up and merged in front of it, just to enjoy the view in the mirror while puttering along El Camino.

The two of us drove a few blocks like this, and then it was my time to make a right turn. I looked in the mirror to catch the glimpse of the car one last time and saw that it turned into the same road after me.

At the next light, he pulled up next to me. I could not help but look over. He smiled, and I smiled back at him.

"A beautiful day to have the top down," he said, referring to both our cars going topless.

"I know, isn't it?" I replied, and then the light changed and we went each on our merry way: I turned into the shopping center and he continued on straight ahead.

Funny that this very brief encounter with a fellow car aficionado is still making me smile hours later. It's the little things.

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