Grownups are boring!

Some of you may know that I am currently in the process of getting my teeth transformed into a Hollywood smile with Invisalign. I am doing this mostly to help preserve the teeth than out of vanity, but there's some of that too.

Long story short, when you use Invisalign, you get to wear translucent hard plastic aligner trays custom-molded to fit over your teeth, each pair moves your teeth a little, and over a set period of time, you get them all nice and straight. In the process, you get to experience some discomfort while the teeth are moving and also to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. So far so good.

Until you realize that all mainstream toothpaste is mint-flavoured. Some add cinnamon or other flavours to it, but menthol dominates, wherever you look.

After five full months of tasting minty freshness in my mouth five or so times a day I got fed up with mint. Seriously. But grownup toothpaste is all minty.

So I turned to the kids toothpaste and my very first find was a success: Colgate Kids Manga toothpaste with "bubble fruit" flavour. Whatever "bubble fruit" is. I think it really tastes like bubble gum. And not a trace of mint.

Plus, it has sparkles in it!

I feel an urge to go on a web shopping spree for non-minty-tasting toothpaste.


  1. Tom's of Maine comes in several non-mint flavors, uses all natural ingredients, and isn't nearly as sweet as most normal brands.

  2. That's a great pointer Carl! I will check that out next time at Trader Joe's -- they carry many Tom's products.