Hawks and doves

After 18 months, I am looking at new pads on all four corners of the S2000 and all-new rotors for the front as well. The front rotors are dished about 1.5mm deep, and the inside front pads are on the rivets. Rears are better, and the rotors look salvageable, but I figure I should better change to a more streetable pad now. Really tired of the dust. Noise did not bug me much at all, but the dust was epic.

When I originally bought the pads and rotors in December 2008, Carbotech said nothing about the street-ability of AX6s. These days they say on the site that they do not recommend them for street use.

Aside from reduced rotor and pad life and tons of dust, I have no complaints about the AX6s. They do stop the car in a hurry, and worked wonderfully for me for a season and a half, doing double duty for me and my codrivers.

I am contemplating putting either Carbotech Bobcat pads on the car next, or maybe Hawk HPCs. Not sure yet, will have to think about it for a day or so.

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