Talking to strangers, Vol. 1

I turned on the OKCupid chat, because I wanted to talk with a particular person, and while I was trying to reach him (without success, because he signed off), I got into this schlamassel. I think I understand now why my parents did not want me to talk to strangers.

This exchange has not been edited, not even for spelling or punctuation, only annotated, and the user IDs removed to protect the innocent.

Stranger Number 1. greets me with...

Stranger: Why do all the cute women have such attitude?

Yours Truly: Have I done something?

S: lol...actually, no...just specualating

YT: well, you do have a charming way to kill a conversation

S: i'm sorry...didnt mean to

YT: That's alright.

S: want to chat?

YT: what did you have in mind?

S: or are you busting some other guys ball right now? :-)

YT: I really do not feel comfortable with this sort of humour that implies I am a kind of a ball-breaker.

S: well, you ARE intelkigent, I'll give you that (NOTE: I feel such relief. And you can't even spell "intelligent.")

YT: thanks

YT: i noticed that your profile is quite laconic (NOTE: He has no picture and exactly one paragraph about how he is looking for the one true love.)

S: what are your thoughts on foot kissing? yes is it loconic, but Ill be happy to answer any question you might have

S: wow, are you German? That is very sexy! (NOTE: He has not read my profile before contacting me. Love at first sight, I guess?)

YT: Is it?

S: to ME...yes

S: you have an accent (NOTE: Wow, an assertion, not even a question.)

S: ...and you have one hell of a bottom lip

YT: well, that's flattering I guess.

YT: tell me something about yourself.

S: sure it is...anything positive is flattering

YT: "one hell of" is positive then. noted.

S: ....something about ME...i'm sorta attracted to you....but NOW... i'm actually more attracted to what your personality is turning out to be...i like the way you talk

YT: so what do you do?

S: medical biller

YT: cool.

S: not really...but thanks for the positive vibe

S: looking for a long term romance?

YT: i am actually not really looking these days.

YT: are you?

S: i'm a bit particular these days, but yes

S: and we can role-play german senerios (NOTE: Whoa! Where did that come from? I mean, not like he hadn't me at foot kissing!)

YT: i am sorry, i am not even sure what it means. but if it implies nazi s/m -- thank you very much. not interested.

YT: and i never said i was german. (NOTE: I did not say it. At least to him. Particularly given his peculiar tastes.)

S: lol...i was kidding...and its ok if you're not German

YT: Oh thanks.

YT: I think I better go.

S: attitude...see how smart I am...it's the very first thing I said to you. ok....take care

S: thanks for the chat

S: :-)

YT: attitude?

YT: i think you were the one who approached me--a complete stranger--with requests about foot-kissing, and "German role-playing" and when I said I was not interested your response is "Attitude?"

S: Forgive me. I like you...no worries. :-) (NOTE: Whew, and I was worried he did not like me. But he does, so it's allright.)

YT: It's alright.

YT: I've gotta go.

YT: Bye.

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